Short Term Car Insurance

If you're on the hunt for Short term car insurance, the great thing is that some companies offer immediate cover for 1-28 days. With Temporary Cover Ltd you can even apply and pay online for a policy that is tailored to your needs and valid immediately.

For many people it would be much more beneficial to get short term car insurance rather than car insurance for the whole year. Perhaps you just need it to share the driving for a long journey, or there is no one else who can take you. Or maybe an additional driver needs to use your vehicle temporarily.

Short term car insurance companies also offer similar products for van drivers so you can help out a friend during a move, or take a bunch of people on an overland trip if minibuses are also covered. Just make sure that if you might need short term car insurance for over a month, you take a good look at the prices, because it's only cost effective in small doses.

Luckily though, there are a couple of companies springing up that speciailse in offering car insurance to UK drivers who only need it on a short term basis.

Whatever the occasion, make sure you go to a company that regularly provides short term car insurance as they will be much better equipped to offer a competitive car insurance (or van insurance) deal to suits your needs.

Temporary Cover Ltd
Temporary Cover Ltd

Great value short term car insurance from Tempcover Ltd

* Short term car insurance for 1-28 days
* Immediate Cover
* Apply and pay online
* Cover for cars and vans
* For ages 21 - 69 (or 21 - 75 as an additional driver)
* Comprehensive or third party cover

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