100,000 visitor finally achieved from this free blog huray.... Between love and emotion I welcomed 100,000 visitors to this happy. Looking at the age of this blog is a very slow increase in visitors, but the last three months there was a drastic increase to 800 per day. If my friends see the sitemeter will show how in one year this blog visitors increased from month to month. The key is diligent in posting. The average per day should be able to post even a single day...

That is the key to the achievement of the 100,000 visitors to this blog. A hundred thousand visitors and not just completed but remain diligent in posting and SEO. But anyway ranked first post in reaching a lot of new visitors after the SEO. Most reverse, most SEO even less posts ... Yes hard then. Finally. more and more post if you want to reach 100,000 visitors .. thanks to who have visited this blog and please the bookmark for frequent updates of this blog post for a hundred and second thousands post ... so let's be diligent and unique ... hundred thousand visitors can be achieved .. why not ..?

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