What is World Leaders Say About Deadly Israeli Raid on Aid Flotilla?

What is World Leaders Say About Deadly Israeli Raid on Aid Flotilla? "Then we started to hear screams, shouting, shooting everywhere," he said. "We heard some of them shouting 'we are raising the white flag, stop shooting at us'."
Audrey Bomse, also of the FGM, told the BBC that the activists were "not going to pose any violent resistance".
What The Leaders Say About Deadly Israeli Raid on Aid Flotilla: Israel's most powerful friend, the United States, was more cautious. But President Barack Obama said he wanted the full facts soon and regretted the loss of life
President Barack Obama told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu he deeply regretted the loss of life in an Israeli raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla on Monday and urged him to quickly get to the bottom of the incident (Reuters)

"The president expressed deep regret at the loss of life in today's incident, and concern for the wounded," the White House said in a summary of Obama's phone call with Netanyahu hours after Israeli marines stormed a Turkish aid ship bound for Gaza and at least nine pro-Palestinian activists were killed.

Benjamin Netanyahu :"They were mobbed, they were clubbed, they were beaten, stabbed, there was even a report of gunfire. And our soldiers had to defend themselves."

President Nicolas Sarkozy of France called Israel’s use of force “disproportionate,”

Tony Blair, the representative of the so-called quartet of powers seeking a Middle East settlement, said in a statement that he expressed “deep regret and shock at the tragic loss of life.”(nytimes)

“We need a different and better way of helping the people of Gaza and avoiding the hardship and tragedy that is inherent in the current situation,” the statement said

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas condemned the Israeli "aggression," declared three days of mourning across the West Bank and called on the U.N. Security Council and Arab League to hold emergency sessions on the incident.

Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations Secretary General, said he was “shocked” by the attack. “I condemn this violence,” Mr. Ban told news conference in Kampala, Uganda. “It is vital that there is a full investigation to determine exactly how this bloodshed took place. I believe Israel must urgently provide a full explanation.”

Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, called the incident “a massacre,”

Saad Hariri, the Lebanese prime minister, denounced the raid as “a dangerous and crazy step that will exacerbate tensions in the region,”

The president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said it was “inhuman.”

President Yudhoyono of Indonesia "President of exploring to do mediation but indeed as I know the President has not succeeded in direct communication," said Presidential Spokesman of the Interior Julian Pasha Aldrin told AFP on Monday (5/31/2010).

The President, according to Julian also have not received a report of a citizen who died in the attack incident. The President admitted deeply concerned and strongly condemned the brutal actions by the Israeli army.

"The president concerned and deeply regrets this incident and condemns hard," (jakarta post)

Nick said (May 31, 2010):I have lived with all kinds of jews in new York in the course of my life and have never found 1 Jew that was not a Zionist. I have been spit on, told I am not their kind and lost many friends because they became of age and were told by their parents that they can only associate with god’s chosen people.Where are these innocent Jews you speak of?

Steve said (May 31, 2010):While I was appalled and saddened by what I saw this morning in the news, I cannot say I was the least bit surprised. When I read the article on your site describing the irony and similarities to the Dunkirk flotilla, the first thing that passed through my mind was, “The Israelis aren’t ever going to let those ships through. They’re going to claim the ships were carrying weapons, or some other nonsense and they’re going to board them with commandos, long before they ever get to Israeli waters.” Imagine my utter shock (rolls eyes) when I switch over the USAToday.com and saw that’s exactly what they did, killing a bunch of them.It seems to me that the NWO creeps set the whole thing up to create a crisis atmosphere all centered on Israel and the middle east, once again. Keep the heat turned up, and everyone focusing all their attention and displeasure in that direction by sowing the seeds of war and strife, and then ride in to “fix it”. This whole thing smells like a set-up. If someone like me can see through the fa├žade, it’s got to be pretty damned thin. God help us all.

"This operation will leave a bloody stain on the history of humanity.
--Turkish Deputy PM Bulent Arinc

I find it disgusting there are people actually trying to justify the state of Israel murdering people in international waters.
I must have compassion for my fellow US citizens who have spent a lifetime being bombarded with zionist propaganda in the news, church and MOVIES. I guess they never thought to question why there are so many Holocaust museums in the USA considering the Holocaust happened in Germany and Poland. I guess they never thought why there are so many Holocaust movies being produced and sold to the US public. I guess they never troubled themselves to learn that their Jesus was not jewish but rather an Essene and despised jews. I guess they never bother to learn about their founding fathers' opinion of the jews,
Ben Franklin for example:
"There is a great danger for the United States of America. That great danger is the Jew. Gentlemen, in which ever land the Jews have settled, they have depressed the moral level and lowered the degree of commercial honesty. They have created a State within a State, and when they are opposed, they attempt to strangle the nation financially, as in the case of Portugal and Spain."
What do I tell my fellow US citizens when the very morality their base their lives upon has been infiltrated and corrupted by a foreign agent?
This was a staged, anti-israel PR campaign.. Simple. They Lynched Navy personnel. and got themselves shot.
good. Im sad boat wasnt sunk.
these low-lives LYNCHED marine soldiers.. Stabbed them, Broke Jaws, hands, what "peace flotilla" does that!!!
they should have SUNK the morons

I get it now. You guys always play the victim and you use the holocaust as your shield which is disrespectful to holocaust victims as well as the rest of the Jewish community. YOU are the victim, when you kill disproportionately more people and have nukes without having to even tell the world and break international laws with little to no repercussions...The world is now beginning to understand this and we will no longer tolerate your govt sponsored terrorism

Supporting the bigot state of Israel is UN-American. Israel is in violation of more UN Resolutions than any other country on Earth. As a former US Marine I support ANYONE who fights against the sickness called Israel. I would.

They were not Humanitarian Activists they were terrorists in disguise and used knives and axes to try to kill the Israeli Soldiers. Have they never heard the saying "Don't bring a knife to a gun fight"?
Ah well, that's a few less terrorists Israel has to deal with now.

really? what will real Humanitarian Activists do when they are attacked from well armed military? they will wait to be arrested illegally?...may be, they will apoligize from military forces for to tried them and gave operation cost to them....

Please think clearly for a second. Israel did this to send a message to the world that nobody should mess with them, and that they can do whatever they want. They raided Gaza for a month and nobody did anything. Today, they killed human activists from all over the world to reinforce this message. These people tried to break this rule, they tried to say NO to Israel and YES to HUMANITY. Death was their prize for doing so. If I were there I would have done the same. Submerging to the Israeli will would have been just unhumanitarian and unjust. Dave from Chicago

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