How Eyes Formed?

cells that form the eyes of a developing embryo dikandungan chemically programmed to arrange a round oval shape. each cell has to know where to move to the formation of the other cells are guided by a particular protein.
"We think the organ is probably formed from the movement of individual cells," said the main researcher Martina Rembold of the European molecular biology laboratory. finding a different view of the opinions of scientists in general are seen in fish that could not be determined whether the effect in humans. scientists have known that the mat is formed from cells that line the exterior of the cylindrical structure. earlier, they believe that such cells together would divide a certain direction to form the eye.
however, observations Rembold and colleagues showed that these cells apparently move freely from the center of the cylinder into his skin to form a rounded oval organ of vision itau. they might use a protein produced per cell as his guide.

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