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kata motivasi mario teguh dalam bahasa inggris - oke sobat kembali lagi di blog kalimat motivasi ini, tetapi walaupun saya berharap sobat betah di blog ini. Pada kesempatan kali saya akan share kata-kata motivasi mario teguh dalam bahasa inggris. Semoga anda suka dengan kata motivasi mario teguh dalam bahasa inggris yang satu ini, meskipun kelihatan berantakan. Ini dia kata motivasi mario teguh dalam bahasa inggris nya, silahkan dibaca...

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kumpulan kata-kata motivasi mario teguh 2012 dalam bahasa inggris :

Believing that something is difficult, will make it not only difficult, but practically impossible.

However, if you start with something easy, and grow your skills along the growth of difficulties that you find in your work,
you will be fondly surprised to find yourself doing with ease
those things that you previously thought were impossible.

Failure never comes suddenly.

It is started from little bad habits, that grow into bigger problems, and end up as a failure.

Do not let your hope wither away in sadness.

Remember, God meets you at the height of your hope.

Keep your hopes high, because that is where God will meet you.

Many people are not angry enough about how slow and weak their lives have become, that they even learn to accept weakness and poverty as their fate.

Fate is personal responsibility.

And if we are angry enough, we will find the decisiveness to act
quickly on our plans, to remove bad habits and negative dependence from our life, and to focus more closely on more meaningful work and productive rela
tionships with others.

So, we do not need another minute to complain. We need to be positively angry.

The people who succeed follow certain ways of life that they enjoy, but actually so do the people who fail.

We like what we like, and will defend what we like even if they are not good for us.

Successful people learn to like useful and important things, and continue to be loyal in learning and making themselves the best at doing what they like.

Let us not retain the likings that will make us failures.

What you don't know will not hurt you, if your success does not depend on what you know.

But success depends on what you know, for it determines the effectiveness of what you do.

So, make sure that all you know is important for your success.

We often hope for a miracle without surrendering our hearts to The Giver Of Miracle.

Intelligence, talent, knowledge, and experience - without honesty will be of no value.

Never let your head hang down in low self-esteem, or your chin up in arrogance.

Keep your face kind and loving, and eyes looking straight into your beautiful place in the future.

You are still young, you own the future.

Place your hopes high in the sky
but keep your work close to your good heart,
and see miracles begin to happen.

Great people always feel that they can still be better, but are happy with what they can do and what they already have.

The two most beautiful lessons that a mother can teach her child are:

1. How to love that make others happy, and
2. How to keep hope aflame to brighten the roads of life.

Let us work hard today.
Working hard is still smart!

It is better to love and fail, than to know nothing of love.

To give – and to be refused, hurts more than to ask – and not to be given.

A quiet thoughtless and uneducated person may look more dignified than a complaining intelligent and well educated one.

A greater portion of the people who fail their lives have similar habits; difficult to start or quick to give up.

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