Argentina vs Germany Predictions Argentina 3-1 over Germs What are your predictions for the Argentina vs. Germany game?
Who do you think will win and why?I'm rooting for Germany ! Germany 6 - Argentina 1Argentina has no defense and one of the worst goal keepers in the competition. They have been lucky to be on attack all matches. Argentina has won with great defense in the past. They simply have no D. It's the same problem as Holland has.
Thanks for your opinion.
Although I don't think that Argentina has a horrible goalkeeper, I do agree that they have to work on their defense.


Germany will host Argentina in a friendly match at Munich on Wednesday, March 3, 2010. The match will be a chance for both sides get practice ahead of the World Cup Finals at South Africa in June.

Prediction and TV Listings

Germany v Argentina, 19:45 – Germany wins 2-1 – GolTV (USA), Orange Sport (France), Al Jazeera Sport (Middle East)


Both teams have qualified for the 2010 World Cup but did so in very different ways. The Germans were first in their group and qualified before the final matchday while Argentina struggled to finish 4th in the CONMEBOL table. Germany had a 8-2-0 record in qualifying and an impressive +21 goal difference.

Argentina had a widely publicized struggle to qualify and numerous rumors that Maradona would be sacked. Eventually they ended up qualifying 4th in the CONMEBOL region. Germany is led by captain Michael Ballack, strikers Lukas Pudolski and Miroslav Klose, and midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger. The Argentine’s have the player of the year Lionel Messi, strikers Gonzalo Higuain and Carlos Tevez, and veteran Juan Sebastian Veron.

The two teams have had success in the World Cup throughout the years and will both be expected to reach at least the round of 16. Argentina is very talented but has consistently underachieved while Germany has a solid, consistent team. Maradona will probably be animated as usual but Argentina have been to unpredictable to expect a win on Wednesday.

Argentina need to play all-out attack. play to their strengths and forget about the fact their GK and FBs are rubbish.
Stick Messi, Aguero and Higuain up front, and play at least one midfielders who can link the play to them and just go for it.
Fortune favours the brave and all that.

something like this:

it's the only chance they got.
if diego stick to a 4-4-2 and keeps picking shit like gago and jonas then they will play deep and get destroyed, not even getting out of their group.



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