Netherlands Brazil Prediction Winner I would say Brazil, hate for them to win but they are stronger. Lets Hope NEDs can beat them This one is probably going to come down to mistakes and hopefully not questionable calls. It’s no secret the officiating has been horrible in this tournament and let’s just pray that the players decide it, not the referees. With that being said, I think the team to score first is going to put themselves in a very good position to win. Both teams have the defense to back and not having to invest so many players forward in pursuit of a goal to catch up will obviously play to ones advantage. I really can’t pick a team to win this and think it may very well come down to penalties. If it does, I am even more clueless as to who will win. I’m going with Brazil just because I know they will find a way to score which means the pressure is on Robben, Sneijder, and Van Persie to make something happen.

Brazil 1 – 1 Netherlands (Brazil 5 – 3 pen. Netherlands)

The World Cup quarterfinals get underway this Friday when perhaps the two hottest teams in this year’s tournament square off in Brazil and the Netherlands. Both have preformed pretty much exactly as most expected and it’s almost a shame that these potential finalists have to take each other on earlier than the semifinals. Arjen Robben is back to form as he had a beautiful netter to led the Oranje to victory on Monday against Slovakia while Brazil seems to be really hitting their stride at the right time as they absolutely dominated South American rivals Chile. Unfortunately for us, the fans, we will have to say goodbye to one of the tournament’s best teams but such is the World Cup and only one can move on to see another day. Get ready for some fútbol.


The Selecao came out firing on all cylinders Monday evening as they easily defeated Chile 3-0 at Ellis Park. They worked together like a well oiled machine and with a little bit of the signature individual brilliance thrown into the mix, they looked like they may not stop doing the samba until 2014. Left central defender Juán opened up the scoring in the 35th with a spot on header off a corner kick and they quickly followed with another in the 38th as Luis Fabiano finished a beautiful touch pass from Kaká. Robinho finished the scoring in the second half with a beautiful one timer off the inside of the right post from Ramires in the 59th. Here’s the thing about Brazil that must scare teams half to death. Every one of their players on the pitch from of course Robinho, Kaká, and Fabiano in the front to Lucio, Bastos, Juán, and Maicon in the back is more than capable and possesses the skill to do things that many other forwards in the world cannot. Maicon and Bastos’ abilities in particular to push the ball forward and rip shots from outside is a skill that no other team possesses. Sure, plenty of teams have their defenders coming up to have a shot here and there but none actually pose the threat that these 2 do. Another thing that can’t go overlooked is that, despite allowing 2 goals, Julio Cesar has been a rock in the back. The only team I see competing with the Brazilians is Argentina and maybe (just maybe…) Spain. It will be exciting to see but we certainly have a long way to go.


While much of the talk this tournament has been about Brazil, Argentina, and England (not for the right reasons), Netherlands has managed to once again fly under the radar and cruise easily into the quarterfinals. Must we not forget they are the only team other than Argentina that has won all of their matches outright and what should be noted is that they have done it mostly without their best player in Arjen Robben. The star Bayern Munich magician made his highly anticipated return Monday in Holland’s 2-1 win over Slovakia in which he opened up the scoring with a beautiful run and finished with an equally beautiful 20 yard strike. Him combined with the likes of Wesley Sneijder and Robin Van Persie make up arguably one of the most dangerous attacking forces in the World Cup. I’ve been truly impressed with their ability to retain possession and pass the ball much like Spain and Barcelona. It’s a beautiful thing to watch when the Oranje have things clicking.



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