Uruguay ghana prediction The story continues to repeat itself; experience plays youth. Ghana with their speed and raw talent look to upend the experienced striking core that is Diego Forlan and Louis Suarez. But they will have their hands full, just ask South Korea.
Defenders like Jonathan and Pantsil need to remain in a straight compact line because any amount of disorganization will lead to the extinguishing of Africa’s remaining light. Ghana has a very good shot of surprising the neysayers, they will need to strike quickly because Uruguay, once dug in, will be a tough team to break down. But let’s give credit where credit is due; Uruguay too has a tough defense. The player that really stood out to me against South Korea was right back, Fucile. All in all it should be a hard fought match with Uruguay winning in regular time, but it will come down to the last second.
Our prediction for this game: Ghana will have the support of the entire African continent in this game and even though Uruguay have been great the “home” advantage will be too great to overcome here. Ghana wins on penalty shootout after 1-1 at full time.

Sportsbook.com has Uruguay the slight favorite sitting at -105 on the moneyline and Japan sit at +300.

Now that the group stages are over, The final 16 will face eachother with immediate elimination, this means that if a game is tied up after 90min, there will be 30min of EXTRA TIME. If it's still tied up after the extra time then there will be a penalty shoot out.
If you think a game goes into extra time and/or penalties, make sure to mention this in your prediction.

Uruguay 2-1 Ghana End at 90mins
Uruguay 1 - 2 Ghana after 90
Ghana 2-1 Uruguay OT

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