Argentina vs Mexico predictions

Argentina vs Mexico predictions by Fortune teller hahahaha Argentina!!!! Messi is amazing! Even though Mexico beat France (which was supposed to be a good team compared to past world cups), they cannot be strong enough to beat Argentina.Argentina 2-1. mex 1 - 4 arg.Their only chance to face off is either the round of 16 or the WC final. i doubt that it will happen in this next round but i do think an ARGentina-Mexico final is a Real possibility,I would be going for Mexico, but argentina would take it. I don't

Argentina vs Mexico  predictions
like Argentina, but they are quite better than Mexico.I would say Argentina 3 - Mexico 1. Argentina. They have great players and teamwork. I love Messi too (:I actually start to like Mexico If they can beat Messi's team, they can beat anybody.Mex-Arg=2-1 DUDE ARGENTINA!!!!!!!!!!!! I want ARG to win but if MEXICO plays well maybe.....I'll keep my fingers crossed for ARG! Argentina wins easily. 4-1. Messi will do magic against mexico. No!!! Mexico is gonna beat Argentina and gonna win the world cup!:D I dont like mexico. so I will go for argentina...the reason why I dont like mexico is bc I grew up watching telemundo and univision and everything to me was like mexicans. no offense, I dont hate mexicans at all, but all that passion for soccer and they have not won STTT! took me years t realize that the latinamerican and hispanics that telemundo and univision used to talk about also included dominicans..and that those were not synonyms of mexicans or central americans.I am hoping for another 7-0 argentina then! lol I like Martin Palemo!!!! who can do world record to miss penality 3 times per match and I think he will do it agian in next round. Maradona may be the best player of the world but i don't think he and his team will win final Worldcup 2010...

Mexico 2-1 Argentina

Mexio:Hugo Sanches (89,91)
Argentina : Martin Palemo (1)

Argentina will win hands down on any day, any place including Mexico or SA.
But more than likely I expect to meet in R16 - argentina will be group b #1 and Mexico group a #2.
so can I say Argentina is in Qtr finals.
well it seems that many people hate mexico. but we never no ...they might win.
the reason why argentina has won is becauase they teams they faced are not good at all.
its funny how they think their the ****. well see when they face brasil. that will shut them up.

Mexico is going to win for sure 1-0
Argentine is good but Mexico is going to
kick their conceited *** off the world cup

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